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Brian L. Nowell Ph.D

Doctor Brian Nowell has worked in a variety of leadership and education positions for the past 40 years. During those years, he has consulted with many people to help them develop their potential to lead better and happier lives. His B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Psychology are from The University of South Florida and The University of Georgia. Dr. Nowell has taught a wide variety of courses and seminars as a lecturer and as a college professor. And, he has educated diverse audiences on various topics nationwide in the United States, In South Korea, and in several  countries in Europe.

<>Dr. Nowell is the managing director of The Development Center, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization which provides education and development to individuals, groups, and organizations. He is currently providing classes and publications for The Development Center, on the stock market, positive psuchology, critical thinking and other vital topics.  And he is also providing psychology classes for South Dakota State University.  Dr. Nowell's current passionate areas of psychological interest are applied positive psychology, mastery education, addiction elimination, entrepreneurship, stock market psychology, political psychology, the psychology of Internet marketing, and emotional intelligence.

      He has written a very practical book ("Reluctant Millionaires") about how to use powerful psychological stock market information to increase one's financial prosperity, a book (CTR: Critical Thinking Rules) about how to improve your critical thinking ability, and another book ("Anger Elimination") about how to understand and totally your eliminate anger.

Dr. Nowell's personal interests include family history research, multi-focus short and long term history, oil painting, backpacking, optimal learning methods/mastery education, carpentry, horticulture, appropriate technology living, inventing, creative problem solving, reading, traveling, and sailing. Brian and his wife Debby are the parents of 2 children, and he is currently living in Sious Falls, South Dakota with his wonderful wife Debby (except when she is away visiting other family members).

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